EBAE Applicants Zone

Factors to consider as you complete the entry form

  • Read the conditions of entry thoroughly and carefully, taking account of eligibility, deadlines and in particular the assessment criteria.
  • Read the guidance provided with the entry form explaining the information sought and the constraints on length and type of response required. Observe the constraints and do not think that a longer answer will necessarily be appreciated.
  • Avoid repetition, make sure that the response to a particular question does not repeat the same information used in answer to another question. Keep the responses succinct and to the point. Remember a lot of care has already been put into framing the questions and the judges are seeking particular information in the replies.
  • Make sure that answers are discrete and complete in themselves. Do not refer the judges to ancillary information in annexes (if allowed) unless there is no way of putting the information into the textual answer. This may apply particularly to photographs but not to details of performance and specification.
  • Use tables, diagrams and other illustrations to condense a lot of information into a readily accessible form. Ensure that key points are highlighted and are easily obvious to the reader. Do not use text only where a diagram could convey much more than pages of text ever will.
  • Be open about the commercial status and value of the entry and wherever possible supply sales and profit information.
  • Always respond in plain English and avoid jargon, including acronyms, unless these are explained. Remember a juror may be familiar with a different area of expertise to that covered by your entry. The juror needs their hand held and lead carefully through your story. The juror needs to finish reading the entry with a very clear appreciation of the subject and the impact of your entry, as well as confidence that the story told is robust and leaves no unidentified concerns.
  • A juror needs to be excited and stimulated by your entry. You have a public relations task to perform with the entry form. The answers need to be interesting, truthful but not gimmicky. Tell a good story.