I am an Award Scheme

Get recognised and improve your performance

With so many UK based environment and sustainable development award schemes in operation it can be difficult to stand out. RSA Accreditation will help you to demonstrate your quality and validity to the wide range of individuals, businesses and organisations that are looking to enter a reputable environmental or sustainable development award scheme.

  • The European Business Awards

    As an RSA Accredited Scheme your award winners and runners up can enter the European Commission’s biennial European Business Awards for the Environment (EBAE). The EBAE plays a crucial role in demonstrating progress on environmental and sustainable development issues worldwide. The Forum is tasked with selecting the UK entrants through accredited feeder schemes for the EBAE, meaning that the companies that get through are the cream of the crop in terms of UK environmental innovation. The UK is an exemplar throughout Europe due to its success at the EBAE (it has won 10 consecutive rounds, the last one being a double win in 2012 with Marks and Spencer and Aquamarine Power).

  • The RSA Environment Awards Forum

    As an accredited award scheme you will also receive an invitation to the quarterly RSA Environment Awards Forum meetings. The Forum is committed to improving the design, operation and efficiency of award schemes across the UK and meetings are designed to share best practice between members. As a part of the RSA Environment Awards Forum you will be afforded the opportunity to make links, network, learn from one another, and potentially work collaboratively in driving forward the UK sustainability agenda and make best use of RSA resources.

  • The logo

    Upon accreditation you will be permitted to use the "RSA Accredited" mark of approval throughout your promotional material. 

How do I apply?

Awards are accredited to objective standards, ensuring that there is a benchmark for those that reward real progress towards sustainability. The standards are set out within the RSA Guide to Good Practice 'standards of practice and performance required for RSA Accreditation of environmental and sustainable development awards', available to download here.

If you think your scheme complies with the criteria set out in the Guide and would like to apply for Accreditation then there are three easy steps to follow:

The steps

  1. Download the application guidance document and the application form.
  2. Read the documents thoroughly and then complete the application form, making sure you clearly indicate where documentary evidence can be found to substantiate your answers.
  3. Email your completed forms to rsa@imsplc.com, along with the required details of your award scheme and payment information.

Your application will be assessed by a team of three independent auditors who will make recommendations to the Forum Secretariat to decide if Accreditation will be granted. The whole process should take about 4 weeks from when you have submitted your forms. Full information on how the process works and what happens if your scheme does not meet the criteria can be found in the application guidance document.

Accreditation is granted for a period of 3 years, at £150 per year or £350 for the three years, after which a scheme will be required to be re-audited, for which renewal fees will be requested. Continual re-assessment ensures that the high standards upon initial accreditation are not only maintained but developed and improved.